Babysitters R Us is a unique babysitting agency offering a diverse range of childcare solutions. We believe our agency offers the perfect option for parents who are searching for care, and sitters who are searching for families.

If you need someone to care for your children at short notice, in your hotel/motel, on casual day/evening basis, for a one-off occasion, on a regular day/evening basis, before & after school, overnight, for a full weekend or full time - then we have the sitter thatís right for you.

Parents can choose to use our Agency Babysitting service if they are looking for a one-off or casual babysitter, and if looking for something more permanent or regular they can choose to use our exclusive Meet The Babysitter (MTB) service and personally interview and connect with a network of sitters.

There are many risks involved with using online babysitter directories and inviting unknown and unscreened strangers into your home (if only for an interview) can be a scary process. By using our agency parents can be confident that they will only be introduced to high quality, dedicated and thoroughly screened sitters. Our agency offers a cost-effective, time-efficient and safe alternative to the impersonal nature of an online babysitter directory.

Our babysitters are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Since July 2008