Babysitters R Us


WHEREAS the parties agree as follows:

1. The Client* acknowledges that Carers are not employees of Babysitters R Us and that the Carers are independent contractors.

2. Babysitters R Us conducts a thorough interview & screening process, however Babysitters R Us does not give any warranty concerning the character of the Carers introduced. It is the responsibility of the client to accept and approve the suitability of Carers. If the client has any concerns regarding the suitability of the Carer they should contact Babysitters R Us immediately. 

3. For Privacy and Safety reasons please do not ask Babysitters R Us Carers for their personal contact details. They will be in breach of their contract if they provide this information to you, or arrange private babysitting booking and will result in termination of their contract.

4. Babysitters R Us accepts no responsibility for any damage, injury expense or loss caused by any Carers referred to the client by Babysitters R Us.

5. If any child has any special needs or requirements (e.g. medical conditions, toilet training requirements, allergies etc.) these must be advised to the agency at the time of booking and then recorded on the appropriate form provided to the Client and given to the Carers at the event.

6. If toy hire is utilised by the Client, the Client acknowledges that any breakages may be charged to the Client. The charges will be a % of the replacement toy cost.

7. If a Carer is required by the Client to work beyond the agreed session times, the Client's credit card will be charged the following day for all additional hours and any applicable administration costs.

8. The Booking Fee amount is payable via credit card as a deposit to secure the booking. A booking is not confirmed until this amount is received by Babysitters R Us.

9. Full payment is required 21 days prior to the first day of the event. If payment is not received we cannot guarantee the availability of the required number of Carers.

10. All Booking fees are non-refundable.

11. If a booking is cancelled 21 days or more prior to the first day of the event then there will be no cancellation charge, however the Agency Booking Fee is non-refundable.

12. If a booking is cancelled with less than 21 days notice then a cancellation fee equivalent to $25 per Carer, per session is payable. The Agency Booking Fee is non-refundable. If full payment has been made prior to cancellation, the amount paid, less any cancellation fee will be refunded to the Client within 7 days.

13. If extra children are added to the booking & is this not pre-arranged with Babysitters R Us, then the client will be charged all additional rates, plus an extra $25 administration fee. The credit card provided for the booking deposit will be charged for all extra costs. Failure to make payment of these additional fees will result in Babysitters R Us referring all outstanding amounts to a collection agency, and the Client will become liable for further collection charges.

These terms and conditions constitute your formal agreement with Babysitters R Us and will be referred to by your Babysitters R Us representatives

*The term ‘Client” refers to the parties that are engaging the services of Babysitters R Us for an Event, Wedding or Conference booking.

These terms and conditions were last updated on 4th February, 2014